Founding Leadership

Roger Gale and Ronald Mink, Founders

Management Team


Ronald Mink, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer & President;

Clay Square

Clay Roscoe, M.D., M.Sc.

Chief Medical Officer

Jason Boone

Jason Boone, Ph.D.

President, Floragenex Inc.; Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Alan Lofquist, Ph.D.

Vice President, R&D

Joshua Owens

Joshua Owens

Vice President,
Sales, Marketing and Supply Chain

Jason Reynolds

Jason Reynolds

Director of Project Management

Mimi Jackson

Mimi Jackson

Director of Operations



Roger I. Gale, M.E.

Executive Chairman; Co-Founder


Ronald Mink, Ph.D.

Member of the Board; CEO; President; Co-Founder

Lynnor Stevenson, Ph.D.

Member of the Board


Sedia Biosciences’ mission is to be a leader in three areas that advance global access to care: (1) development of an expanding portfolio of state-of-the-art rapid point of care diagnostic assays; (2) creation of new and innovative disease surveillance and public health monitoring tools; and (3) production of innovative clinical specimen collection devices that enhance remote collection and increase access to laboratory diagnostics.

To date, Sedia has become the scientific and market leader in creating public health monitoring assays intended to estimate the incidence of HIV in individuals, populations, countries and regions. The Sedia® HIV-1 Limiting Antigen Avidity EIA and Asanté™ HIV-1 Rapid Recency® Assay both measure recency of HIV infection and have become the market leaders in HIV Public Health. Critical to government health ministries and national and global public health organizations, our recency assays are used to monitor the evolution of the HIV epidemic by estimating HIV incidence rates and identifying new infection outbreaks and hotspots, enabling effective and strategic HIV resource allocation and the assessment of HIV public health intervention programs.


Sedia is determined to advance access to medical care and health through the creation of innovative diagnostic, surveillance and monitoring tools and by making those tools equally available to all people and populations globally.


Sedia Biosciences is committed to being a socially responsible, ethical corporation committed to our shareholders, to our customers, and to our employees. Social responsibility and ethical accountability are critical to Sedia’s long-term success, and both are core elements of our identity as a company. Sedia constantly strives to bring the highest quality, innovative, affordable products to the marketplace as a responsible biotechnology developer/manufacturer and an ethical employer. We work closely with governmental agencies to obtain regulatory approval, and recognize our obligations to governments both in terms of taxes paid and regulations and laws obeyed. We maintain and respect our environment and natural resources, and continually work to minimize the impact of our manufacturing process and products on the environment, both locally and where our products are used. Sedia believes in fair and equitable compensation and clean, safe working conditions and is committed to equal opportunity for employment, development and advancement of all qualified employees. Sedia is obligated to providing skilled and competent management, and the actions of our management must be legal, moral and ethical. We honor and respect all communities where we work and deliver our products and services; we also honor and respect our environment, our investors, our customers and our employees. In doing all this, we believe we further achieve our goal of advancing access to medical care and health for individuals and communities across the globe.


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