August 18, 2009, PORTLAND, Ore. — Sedia Biosciences Corporation (Sedia) announced today the launch of its Sedia™ BED HIV-1 Incidence EIA, an enzyme immunoassay for population estimates of HIV-1 incidence. Originally developed by the US CDC and manufactured under license by Sedia, the Sedia™ BED HIV-1 Incidence EIA is an in vitro quantitative enzyme immunoassay for distinguishing recent from longer-term HIV-1 infections. The test accomplishes by measuring the proportion of HIV-1 specific IgG to total IgG in blood samples including plasma, serum and dried blood spots. The assay was developed as an epidemiological tool for intervention programs, resource management, and detailed population surveillance.

“We are pleased to be able to offer this very important product to the public health community” stated Dr. Ronald Mink, Sedia’s President and Chief Science Officer. “IgG capture assays based on the CDC-developed BED-biotin peptide have set the standard for population estimates of HIV incidence. The CDC engineered the BED-biotin peptide specifically to enable assays that provide equal sensitivity across all HIV-1 sub-types, thereby addressing a major short-coming of earlier methods for assessing HIV Incidence. Expressly designed for HIV Incidence testing, the Sedia™ BED HIV-1 Incidence EIA makes an important contribution in the fight against HIV by enabling more efficient targeting of resources to those areas with the greatest need”.

The Sedia™ BED HIV-1 Incidence EIA is now available by contacting Sedia at the contact information provided below. Also available soon, the Sedia™ BED HIV-1 Incidence DBS Control, which kit enables testing of samples prepared from dried blood spots including dried serum and plasma.

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