September 30, 2009, PORTLAND, Ore. — Sedia Biosciences Corporation (Sedia) announced today that it was making available the Sedia™ Dried Blood Spot Controls Pack, a set of control/calibrators in dried form that enables testing of dried serum, plasma and whole blood spots specimens in the Sedia™ BED HIV-1 Incidence EIA. The Sedia™ Dried Blood Spot Controls Pack also enables researchers to test archived or historical specimens that are in the dried format. The Sedia™ BED HIV-1 Incidence EIA is an in vitro quantitative enzyme immunoassay for the differentiation of recent from longer-term HIV-1 infections and was launched just last month. This assay kit along with the Sedia™ Dried Blood Spot Controls Pack, was originally developed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and is manufactured by Sedia under license from the CDC. The assay is used as an epidemiological tool for intervention programs, resource management, and detailed population surveillance.

“We are excited to now be able to offer the Sedia™ Dried Blood Spot Controls Kit for our HIV incidence EIA product” stated Dr. Ronald Mink, Sedia’s President and Chief Science Officer. “This Controls Kit enables those researchers and public health workers who need to collect specimens requiring delayed remote transport or long term storage, to gain the same HIV incidence data using CDC’s BED technology and our HIV incidence test. We’ve already received positive feedback from our customers who have purchased the Sedia BED HIV-1 Incidence EIA kits, and we believe this additional tool will expand the market appeal of our recently launched assay.”

Both the Sedia™ BED HIV-1 Incidence EIA and the Sedia™ Dried Blood Spot Controls Kit are currently available by contacting Sedia at the contact information provided below. Additional information about both products, including product inserts, is also available at Sedia’s HIV Incidence website,

About Sedia Biosciences: Sedia Biosciences Corporation ( is a developer of the newest generation of in vitro diagnostic tests. The company is dedicated to advancing access to medical care by developing innovative diagnostic and monitoring products that enable more cost effective and expanded testing for infectious diseases and other conditions. Based in Portland, Oregon, Sedia develops, manufactures and sells in vitro diagnostic tests and specimen collection devices.

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