Portland, Oregon – Sedia Biosciences Corporation announced today the launch of its newest product, the Asanté® DNA Specimen Collection Kit, and its companion product, the Asanté® DNA Purification Kit.  The Asanté® DNA Specimen Collection Kit is intended as a cost-competitive alternative to current methods for DNA specimen collection, and is characterized by low DNA retention, minimal interfering substances and ease of use.  Sedia will also be selling the Asanté® DNA Purification Kit to facilitate extraction, purification and concentration of DNA from the Asanté® DNA Specimen Collection Kit.  The product was originally designed for collection of oral DNA specimens with minimal downstream processing or extraneous reagent introduction while maximizing DNA yield.  Research investigators that have evaluated the product during development have also found the product useful for collecting DNA from a variety of tissue types and locations, including genitourinary tract specimens, cadaverous samples, tissue speciation and identification, food pathogen testing and other biological fluid characterizations.

According to Dr. Ronald Mink, Sedia’s President and Chief Science Officer, “Our Asanté® DNA Specimen Collection Kit is built upon our expertise in assay development where we have identified low binding matrices that can be used to readily take up and release DNA as well as other analytes.  This has reduced the need for abrasive materials, hazardous chemical reagents or extreme concentration methods used by other manufacturers to obtain adequate DNA samples and enabled us to produce a lower cost DNA collection device.”

Sedia Chief Executive Officer Roger I. Gale said “We are excited about our entry into the DNA collection device market, and optimistic that our product can compete internationally against other products that perform less effectively and cost more.  The simplicity and effectiveness of the device will, we believe, prove attractive to scientists currently using other methods for collecting DNA samples.”

The collection device provides samples that are suitable for testing by most in vitro DNA amplification methods including polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and modifications, pretreatments and extensions thereof, helicase-dependent amplification (HDA), ligase chain reaction (LCR), loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) and others.

As part of the product launch, Sedia will be offering free evaluation samples of the Asanté® DNA Specimen Collection Kit to interested scientists, investigators and clinicians for a limited time.  Interested parties should contact Sedia at customerservice@sediabio.com.

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