Beaverton, Oregon – Roger I. Gale, previously Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors, was appointed Executive Chairman of Sedia. Mr. Gale is a co-founder of Sedia. Dr. Lynn Stevenson, Member of the Board of Directors said “Mr. Gale has been instrumental in the Company’s evolution and growth. His international experience as an executive for both large and small corporations has brought a unique perspective and played a critical role in its success. Mr. Gale will continue to drive for growth with an ever-present entrepreneurial mindset in his new role as Executive Chairman.”

Ronald W. Mink, Ph.D., was appointed Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Mink was previously President and Chief Science Officer. He was reappointed President and will also serve as interim Chief Science Officer. Dr. Mink is a co-founder of Sedia. Roger Gale said “In his previous roles as President and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Mink made outstanding contributions to the growth and scale-up of Sedia’s premier HIV products, while simultaneously leading research and development efforts toward novel product lines. His leadership skills, depth of scientific knowledge and passion for innovation will serve the Company well in his new role as Chief Executive Officer.”

Nancy Lime, previously Senior Vice President, Operations, was appointed Chief Operating Officer.  Dr. Mink said “In her previous role as Senior Vice President, Operations, Ms. Lime has had a major impact on the performance of the Company. Over the past two years she has helped drive growth in production capacity, sales revenue and profitability and made a significant contribution to improvements in our quality systems.  In 2020, she also led the design, build-out and relocation of the Company to our new assay development and manufacturing facility. Ms. Lime’s experience, leadership and drive will serve the Company well in her new role as Chief Operating Officer.”

Clay Roscoe, MD, MSc, previously Medical Advisor to the Company, was appointed Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Mink said “Dr. Roscoe brings to the Company years of clinical practice in HIV medicine and experience with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Namibia, Southern Africa. Dr. Roscoe’s field experience working first-hand with patients and leading national diagnostic assay programs for both HIV and TB will provide invaluable knowledge and insight for new product development and market analysis. We are pleased to welcome Dr. Roscoe to the team.”

Jason Boone, Ph.D., was appointed President of Floragenex, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sedia. Dr. Boone will continue to serve as Sedia’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Dr. Mink said “Dr. Boone began with Floragenex in 2009 and has continued to implement processes to facilitate growth for the Company. With a keen business acumen, scientific expertise, and enthusiasm in growing start-up companies, we are pleased to have Dr. Boone driving our Sales and Marketing program and serving in the role of President of Floragenex.”

About Sedia Biosciences Corporation:

Sedia Biosciences is a privately held medical device and diagnostics company founded in 2009 and is based in Beaverton, Oregon, USA. Our goal is to become a leader in three areas intended to advance global access to care: (1) state-of-the-art rapid point-of-care diagnostic assays, (2) novel epidemiological disease surveillance assays and other Public Health tools and (3) innovative clinical specimen collection devices to improve and facilitate remote collection of specimens for follow-up testing. Sedia brings together a dedicated team of scientists and businesspeople that share a common mission: to improve access to medical care around the world by providing innovative diagnostic, epidemiological and clinical products.

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