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Innovative Technology To Fight Global Pandemics

Sedia is a leading developer of the newest generation of in vitro diagnostic tests. We are dedicated to advancing access to medical care by developing innovative diagnostic and monitoring products that enable more cost effective and expanded testing for infectious diseases and other conditions. 

HIV Incidence Products 

Sedia's two categories of CDC approved HIV-1 incidence assays, the Sedia™ BED HIV-1 Incidence EIA and the Sedia™ HIV-1 Limiting Antigen (LAg) Avidity EIA are major epidemiological tools for fighting the HIV epidemic and represent the newest generations of laboratory assays for estimating HIV-1 incidence by measuring recency of infection.  Such laboratory assays provide an attractive alternative to costly and time-consuming longitudinal tracking of at-risk populations over time for the development of new infections.  The technology used in these assays to identify recent infections also has the potential to develop a new classification of diagnostic assays, that enable characterization of HIV infections in individuals, and can potentially be used for targeted treatment and follow-up.  Additional information on HIV incidence products can be found here.

Rapid Test Assay 

Sedia's Asanté™ assay platform is it's rapid point-of-care platform.  Sedia’s Asanté assays are targeted for high volume, but resource constrained, price sensitive markets, particularly the developing world.  The products are designed to detect their analytes in a variety of specimen types including whole blood, serum, plasma, oral fluid, urine and other body fluids in as soon as 20 minutes.  This technology can be used to develop rapid point-of-care, easy to use tests for a variety of disease conditions.  It can further be used to develop a rapid assay to measure HIV incidence, combining the advantages of laboratory HIV incidence assays, above, with point-of-care testing.  Additional information on Sedia's rapid tests can be found here

Specimen Collection Devices

Sedia is developing a range of sample collection devices for various biological specimens targeting DNA, antibodies, proteins, enzymes and other biomarkers that may be suitable for different assay needs.   Such specimens include not only blood, but oral fluid and other body fluids and tissue sites. The devices are intended to maximize the yield of the targeted analyte with ease of collection and minimal chemical and biological contamination at a low cost.  Additional information on our Specimen Collection Devices can be found here.

Technology Licensing and Commercialization Opportunities

Sedia's technology is open for custom development of technologies, third-party manufacture of products including white-labeling, and other licensing opportunities.  Sedia is also looking for new technologies to license and commercialize.  Sedia's team has extensive experience in both technology acquisition and commercialization to successful products, as well as technology development, licensing and technology transfer, including establishment of manufacturing facilities and systems.  Our experience includes working with international partners in Europe, Asia and North America.  Additional information on our Technology Licensing and Commercialization can be found here.

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