Business Partnerships: Technology Licensing & Commercialization Opportunities

At Sedia Biosciences, we are focused on our core strengths of scientific experience, technical innovation and commercialization know-how.  Our intent is to develop and manufacture high quality, cost-effective products that deliver quantifiable value propositions to our worldwide customer base.

Our goal is to increase the delivery and impact of the value proposition of our products by:  1) increasing the volume, speed and effectiveness of our sales efforts through commercial partnerships; 2) expanding our product platforms to a broader range of disease conditions; and 3) entering into new strategic, technological and commercial alliances.

Sedia Biosciences has a variety of licensing and commercial partnership opportunities.  These include:

  • In-Licensing and Out-Licensing Agreements.
  • Custom Design and Development of Sedia Products or Product Applications.
  • Co-Development of Products to Accelerate and Expand Market Delivery.
  • Sales Channel and Distribution Opportunities Worldwide.

 Contact Sedia Biosciences for additional information.

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