HIV Incidence Products
Our HIV incidence assays are used to estimate the rate of new HIV infections and monitor the epidemic worldwide.
Rapid Point-of-Care Assays
Sedia develops, markets and licenses rapid point-of-care immuno- diagnostic tests, including oral and other alternative fluid specimens
Specimen Collection Devices
Sedia's specimen collection devices are simple to use, economical and provide quality specimens suitable for a variety of assay technologies
DNA Sequencing Services
Our subsidiary, Floragenex, provides expert next generation DNA sequencing, genotyping and analytics.

Statement Regarding Sedia's Actions in Relation to the COVID-19 Situation

Sedia Biosciences' focus on advancing global access to healthcare puts it on the frontline in the battle against the current COVID-19 pandemic. Our strong relationships with CDC, PEPFAR, and other U.S. governmental groups and agencies, as well as international governments, public health groups and funders have enabled us to provide added focus to the development and implementation of diagnostic tests for the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19. At the same time, we continue to support our customers and partners in the development and manufacture of HIV epidemiological and diagnostic products and are committed to meeting the obligations for those needs, many going to places where the high level of immunocompromised individuals represent a real danger to the spread of COVID-19.

Specific actions that Sedia Biosciences is taking are:

  • 1) Developing rapid and point-of-care diagnostic assays for the SARS-CoV-2 virus suitable for rapid implementation and ease of use on a widespread basis in the U.S. and other countries, as a first line defense against the spread and support of the treatment of persons with COVID-19.
  • 2) Ramping up production of our HIV Incidence and Recency Assay products in support of CDC, PEPFAR and the international HIV AIDS relief program where Sedia has taken an industry leadership role in identifying hot spots, locating new outbreaks and monitoring the progress of its partners towards the WHO "95-95-95" goals worldwide.
  • 3) Significantly increasing production and R&D capacity with new facilities expected to come online over the next 60 days in Beaverton, Oregon
  • 4) Supporting our customer needs with sample collection devices including oral fluid sample collectors which we will share with other companies developing new means of sampling and collecting specimens for novel assays.
  • 5) Operating in an "around the clock" mode while practicing social distancing and symptom monitoring to protect our employees since the beginning of the current public health crisis.

We thank our customers, shareholders, employees and funders for their understanding and ongoing support

Advancing Access to Care Through Innovation

Sedia Biosciences' mission is to advance global access to healthcare by developing innovative disease surveillance and monitoring tools, expanding accessible point-of-care diagnostic testing into both technology-rich and resource-limited settings and providing cost-effective specimen collection devices.

OUR Products & Technologies

HIV Incidence Assays

Enzyme immunoassays designed to distinguish recent HIV infections from long-term ones as a means to measure incidence of new HIV infections in populations.  We are also developing assays that will target recent infections which have the highest risk of transmission, which pose the greatest risk to others, to enable aggressive treatment, follow-up and customized therapy.

Rapid Point-of-Care Diagnostic Assays

Rapid cost-effective assays that provide diagnostic results from a variety of specimens, including whole and finger-stick blood, serum, plasma, oral fluid, urine and other clinical specimens.  Most of our assays are focused on infectious diseases. However, we are developing rapid assays that identify other disease markers as well.

Specimen Collection Devices

Devices intended to collect, stabilize and transport specimens from the point-of-care to the clinical laboratory.  Designed to be cost effective, robust and to provide a high yield of usable analytes, such as DNA, proteins, antibodies, enzymes and other biomarkers.  We also market low cost, easier-to-use alternatives to classical dried blood spot cards.


We have a variety of licensing and commercial partnership opportunities.  Our technologies are available for licensing to third parties interesting in expanding their technology portfolios, developing improvements to their own technologies, or seeking custom solutions to technological challenges they may encounter.  We are also experienced at commercializing third-party technologies for developers who are seeking to turn their prototypes into commercial products.

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