Asanté™ HIV-1 Rapid Recency® Assay for Identification of Recent HIV-1 Infections

The Asanté™  HIV-1 Rapid Recency® Assay is a rapid blood test version of the Sedia™ HIV-1 LAg-Avidity EIA that differentiates recent from long-term HIV-1 infections and carries a confirmatory indicator to verify HIV reactivity.  The most immediate application for this assay, currently in development, is as an HIV-1 incidence assay in the same manner that the Sedia™ HIV-1 LAg-Avidity EIA and the Sedia™ BED HIV-1 Incidence EIA, which also identify recent infections, are used to estimate incidence.  This product is available For Research Use Only, and currently not intended for use in diagnostic procedures.

Used with blood (both venous and finger stick), serum, plasma, the assay will be suitable for population monitoring but also has the potential to be used for identifying recently infected individuals who are at elevated risk of disease transmission due to the high viral load typically present in early infections, or for selection of candidate individuals for treatment with proposed "functional cures" or other targeted therapeutics for HIV, which are currently being investigated and developed.  Functional cures, currently the subject of investigational research, are therapy regimens where treatment does not effect a true or “sterilizing cure”, or total elimination of the virus.  Instead, persons with early infections are treated with a “kick and kill” (sometimes referred to as "shock and kill") approach to the HIV virus in the body, using therapies to activate dormant HIV (“kick” or "shock") in the patient’s latent viral reservoirs.  When performed in conjunction with antiviral therapy (“kill”) the viral load may be reduced to levels so low that therapy can be suspended without previously observed resurgence of virus in the body.  Identification of recent or early infections before latent virus levels become too high or genetically diverse and therefore resistant to therapeutic agents is believed to be important for the success of such regimens.    

The assay is built on the Asanté™ rapid test platform but contains 3 reaction lines (going from top to bottom): a control line to indicate the test is valid and was properly performed, a prevalence or confirmatory line to verify HIV-1 reactivity of a previously diagnosed HIV-positive specimen, and an incidence or recency line, which reacts when a specimen is a long-term infection.  Results are available in 20 minutes and can be read visually, but for maximal accuracy, are best measured by the portable, battery powered, Asanté™ Test Strip Reader. 

Ordering Information

Cat. No. 1130-020

Asanté™  HIV-1 Rapid Recency® Assay, 20 Tests

Cat. No. 1130-100

Asanté™  HIV-1 Rapid Recency® Assay, 100 Tests

Cat. No. 1200

Asanté™  Rapid Test Strip Reader

For Research Use Only.  Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.  

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U.S. CDC Approved

Each Asanté™ HIV-1 Rapid Recency® Assay lot is tested by both Sedia's Quality Control Department and by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control prior to market release.

Certification of CDC testing and approval is provided with each assay kit.

Use of Asanté™ HIV-1 Rapid Recency® Assay in the U.S.

The  Asanté™ HIV-1 Rapid Recency® Assay is for Research Use Only and Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures. Users of the Asanté™  HIV-1 Rapid Recency® Assay based in the U.S. are required to complete and submit a Certification Regarding Research Use (download here) prior to shipment of the product certifying that use of the product will be used for research use only in compliance with FDA regulations.

Sedia Biosciences is currently collaborating with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the development and evaluation of this assay.  Availability may be subject to CDC authorization and approval. For information about Sedia's other CDC-approved HIV-1 incidence assays, click here

Rapid Recency® is a registered trademark of Sedia Biosciences Corporation.

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