Asanté Specimen Collection Devices

High Quality Specimen Collection Devices Suitable for a Range of Specimen Types

Sedia Biosciences has developed a variety of Specimen Collection Devices for various biological specimens targeting DNA, antibodies, proteins, enzymes and other biomarkers that may be suitable for different assay needs.  These devices provide advantages over other similar products on the market including:

  • Reliable and cost-effective methods for collecting biological specimens.
  • Ease of collection using specimens collected from blood, oral fluid or other body fluids.
  • Optimized collection materials minimize analyte binding and thus results in maximal yield of analyte desired.
  • Minimal time required for specimen collection and processing of sample back at the lab.
  • Superior specimen quality.
  • Excellent specimen stability.
  • Ease of processing at the lab (minimized and simpler processing of specimen).
  • Devices with sample diluents utilize formulation optimized for compatibility with targeted markers and how they are used.

For additional information about our various Specimen Collection Devices, click on the device of interest below:

Our Specimen Collection Devices are also available to assay developers as a way of obtaining specimens suitable for use in a variety of assays. Other specimen collection devices are under development.  Contact our Customer Service Department for volume pricing and additional details.

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