Asanté Rapid Point-of-Care Assays

State-of-the Art Rapid Point-Of-Care Assays Utilizing Blood, Oral Fluid and Other Specimen Types

Sedia's Asanté point-of-care tests use the Asanté rapid assay platform.  Sedia’s Asanté assays are targeted for high volume, but resource constrained, price sensitive markets, particularly the developing world.  The products are designed to detect their analytes in a variety of specimen types including whole blood, serum, plasma, oral fluid, urine and other body fluids as soon as 20 minutes.  

Oral Fluid and Other Alternative Fluid Assays

Sedia's alternative fluid (non-blood) assays have advantages over conventional blood laboratory tests such as Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assays (ELISA) and other assays include quicker results (in as little as 20 minutes) obtained at the point-of-care vs. many hours or days when using ELISA's conducted by a centralized laboratory.  This allows the person being tested to get their results shortly after being tested, instead of having to wait for lab results the next day or later.  Our oral fluid rapid tests have the following advantages:

    • Can be performed with limited training or experience; no need for skilled phlebotomist to draw blood.
    • Greater patient appeal than venous blood draw or finger stick blood collection, since specimen is much more easily collected (e.g. painless, less cultural taboos, etc.)
    • Greater safety by not handling blood, serum or plasma; risk of cross infection or contamination from oral fluid and urine is extremely remote.  Little or no biohazard waste (e.g. blood) is generated.
    • Highly stable, not requiring refrigeration (unlike laboratory tests), easily transported to remote regions without cold chain storage requirements. 

The basic Asanté oral fluid platform was initially developed for HIV (our Asanté™ HIV-1/2 Oral Fluid Rapid Test).  Although HIV is one of the most demanding analytes due to the high accuracy required, it has provided the basis for rigorous testing of the Asanté platform.  Sedia is now adapting that platform to a variety of other infectious disease analytes, e.g. Hepatitis B SAg, Hepatitis C Ab, syphilis, etc.  Expanding the technology to these applications, particularly as oral fluid or combo-blood and oral fluid tests, is one focus of Sedia's current development program.  For more information on these other assays, click here.


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