Our Vision

Sedia Biosciences is committed to become a leader in three areas aimed at advancing global access to care:  (1) state-of-the-art rapid point of care diagnostic assays, (2) novel epidemiological disease surveillance, monitoring and other public health tools and (3) innovative clinical specimen collection devices to improve and facilitate remote collection of specimens for follow-up testing.

Sedia develops, manufactures and licenses state-of-the-art rapid point-of-care assays using blood, oral fluid, urine and other specimen types.   Sedia’s target market for rapid tests includes hospitals, clinics, labs, doctors offices as well as resource constrained settings where laboratory infrastructure is not readily available including bedside point-of-care testing and developing countries with limited laboratory infrastructure.  Sedia’s scientific team has leadership experience particularly in development of assays based on oral and other alternative fluid diagnostic technology.

Sedia is the scientific and market leader in public health monitoring assays intended for assessing incidence of HIV.  Sedia manufactures the Sedia™ BED HIV-1 Incidence EIA and Sedia™ HIV-1 Limiting Antigen Avidity EIA which measure recency of HIV infections to estimate HIV incidence rates.  Critical to government health organizations and other public health groups, these assays are used to monitor the spread of the epidemic, identify new outbreak areas and identify hotspots, enabling more effective strategic resource allocation, optimal vaccine trials and the ability to assess effectiveness of public health HIV intervention programs.

Sedia’s expertise in alternative fluid diagnostic technology is based in part on expertise in optimal blood and non-blood sample collection devices enabling remote collection of specimens, stabilization and transport of specimens.  Sedia develops, manufactures and licenses unique, cost effective specimen collection devices for a variety of analyte classes including blood, oral fluid and other specimens.  Sedia also develops custom collection devices for analyte-specific applications developed for contract.  

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